Parent Council Summary 2018/19

During 2018/19 Parent Council supported many activities going on in the school including more daytime events allowing us to be more involved with the pupils.

We visited classes and assemblies talking to the pupils about parent council and looking for their ideas - they were particularly interested in our upkeep of the willow play hut! P7 told us all about their Interactive Panels and showcased them for us at Enterprise Evening as we spoke to parents about fundraising for them.

Following on from our involvement in car park use and safety, we continued to support the JRSOs with their School Travel Plan and were delighted to see them present it so well and discuss how they developed it at the Community Morning .

We were asked by parents to look into reducing single use plastic in school and found Pupil Council VLG already on the job. We were invited to join them for a session where they presented their concerns to WLC especially about bottled water, taking the Officer to see the amount of bottles in the recycling bins.

This successfully lead to the introduction of jugs, beakers and tap water at lunch. WLC are also reducing plastic across their food provision.

Our school grounds have previously benefited from parent built initiatives including play equipment and fencing. Time has taken its toll and some of these are falling down and need removed.

This proved tricky given the origin of them. We gathered a group of volunteer parents and removed immediately dangerous fencing buying us time to meet with the school, alpha schools, Cllr Tom Conn and WLC, surveying the grounds to find a long term solution. Jobs were identified and prioritised and hopefully you will see some more improvements this year.

We were approached by Burgh Beautiful for consultation regarding the installation of a sculpture in the rose garden at the school entrance and arranged a site visit for parents with them, resulting in moving the site for ease of travel to and from the school entrance. We then encouraged parents to get involved in the public consultations on this St Michael Sculpture which will hopefully add attraction to the school grounds entrance.


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LPFP Meeting Minutes September 2020 (Word doc) [63KB] (opens new window)

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  • Meet the Teacher - Introduce PC
  • Meet with IMS team to support continuation of music tuition
  • Joint FLPPSS & PC AGM
  • Newsletter


  • PC Meeting 1- Plan for the year, Grounds, IMS, Travel plan - safety & lollipop patrol
  • School site survey with JRSOs
  • PC Chairs, meeting in Livingston; feedback on parental engagement
  • School Assembly - chat to children about PC
  • Parents Nights - PC board, info & requesting feedback
  • Willow Hut Maintenance
  • Newsletter


  • PC Meeting 2- Garden & grounds, plastics, Enterprise night, parental engagement S/E
  • Newsletter


  • Enterprise Night - PC board & feedback; Demo of Interactive Panels, joined by P7's
  • Meet with Pupil Council & hear from them & Council rep re plastics
  • Grounds and garden maintenance - on site discussion with WLC & Alpha schools
  • Newsletter


  • Start of consultation with Burgh Beautiful
  • PC Meeting 3 - Sculpture project, lollipop patrol crossings, Self Evaluation questionnaire
  • PC & parents meet with BB


  • Keep up to date with Patrol crossing interviews
  • Ongoing work with travel plan


  • Rotakids Fayre - PC stand, chat to parents, start discussion on draft Constitution


  • PC Meeting 4
  • Follow up letter to all involved in school grounds
  • BB sculpture work & consultations
  • Community Catch up morning - travel plan & CR presented

Our Parent Council meets 7-9pm in the GP room/library in the school.

Come along and hear about how we support school improvement.

Check our events calendar for our next meeting date.