Head Teacher (Interim)Mrs Nicola Hocknull 
Depute Head Teacher (Acting)Mrs Sarah Page 
Principal Teacher (Acting)Mrs Zoe Gordon
Principal Teacher (Acting) Miss Lauren Smith 
P1 Class TeacherMiss Claire Williamson
P2/1 Class Teachers

Miss Lauren Smith (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Vanessa McGilliard (Tuesday)

P2 Class Teacher

Miss Kimberley Paton (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Mrs Vanessa McGilliard (Wednesday and Thursday)

P3 Class TeacherMiss Kirsty Tully
P4 Class TeacherMr Robbie Blair
P5 Class TeacherMiss Cara Collins-Thomson 
P6 Class TeacherMrs Susan Johnston
P7 Class TeacherMrs Susan Crawford
RCCT TeacherMiss Denise Cuthbert
Support For Learning TeacherMrs Caroline Cameron
Administrative AssistantMrs Sam Fraser
Clerical Assistant Ms Elle O'Donnell
Pupil Support WorkerMrs Lindsay Kerr
Pupil Support WorkerMrs Katrina Morrice
Pupil Support WorkerMrs Jill Nicholls
Pupil Support Worker Miss Shannon Ferguson
Pupil Support Worker 

Mrs Umraz Shafiq

Pupil Support Worker Mrs Yanina Oleniak

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